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Float Therapy

Flowglider Box Printed By Float Therapy

Flowglider Box Printed By Float Therapy

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PRODUCTION TIME: 1 Business Day per box

Delivery within 5-7 business days.

Versatility meets reliability – the XR VESC Flowglider Controller Box adapts to your preferences, ensuring an electrifying ride every time.

A rugged marvel crafted from vibrant green ABS filament. Immerse yourself in durability as this box stands resilient against the elements, boasting waterproof capabilities. Choose your ideal configuration from these versatile options:

  • Standard Box Mount: Effortless and secure, featuring a stock FM harness connector configuration.
  • Lid Mount with Stock FM Harness: Sleek and practical, enjoy easy access with the lid mount and stock FM harness connector setup.
  • Lid Mount with Stock Motor/Footpad Connectors: Elevate your experience with a lid-mounted design, complete with stock motor/footpad connectors and a convenient gland for charge and power wires configuration.
  • Lid Mount with Superflux Gland: For those seeking the pinnacle, the lid mount comes with a Superflux gland and a power/charger gland, all harmonized with stock footpad connectors.

*All configurations are for BOX ONLY purchase.  Any required cables, connectors, glands, wires, harnesses, gaskets, screws, nuts, inserts, etc. are NOT provided. 

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