About us

Sharky Shred Shop is a small family run business located in Modesto, CA offering third party repairs, parts, and accessories for One-wheeled personal electric vehicles.  We are an authorized dealer of parts and accessories from the Float Life and are here to help you keep you and your board shredding in peak form and style.

We offer in-person services by appointment only.  Local pickup is available for all sales to save you on shipping costs.  We can ship to the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

We are avid trail riders and when we're not working on our boards (or yours!), or shipping out orders, you are likely to find us shredding our local Dry Creek and Tuolumne River Regional Park Trails and supporting our local community of riders through the Modesto Outdoor Recreation Alliance.  We support the Onewheel Racing community by sponsoring riders that often wouldn't normally receive any  sponsorship: (ie Groms, Clydesdales, Legends).

Meet The Family:

Nicholas Wilson

Nicholas Wilson - Order Fulfillment:

Nick has been perfecting his skills at the Shred Shop and his favorite thing to do is pick, pack, and ship the orders and he's darn good at it!  He is still learning how to put my board back together but don't worry, he won't be servicing yours YET!








Mark Wilson - Chief Shred Officer:

Mark enjoys Trail Riding and sharing the stoke with others.  Mark is a founding member of the Soggy Bottom Boys and the Motown Onewheel Facebook Group.  Mark is also a supporter and active board member of the Modesto Outdoor Recreation Alliance.  MORA promotes outdoor recreation programs and activities that encourage positive use of open spaces, trails, and waterways within the Modesto area.


Tony Songcayawan - Security:

Tony with his Eagle Eye is always keeping a look out for strangers who don't belong at the shop.  Everyone feels safer with Tony around!  Don't  you?