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The Float Life

Kush Nug Hi Footpad for Onewheel Pint/Pint X™

Kush Nug Hi Footpad for Onewheel Pint/Pint X™

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Poured from an 80a durometer urethane (like a soft skateboard wheel), it’s forgiving under-foot and has just enough give to make foot fatigue a thing of the past without sacrificing responsiveness!

Works with FlightFin's FlightFender

This is by far, the most durable foot pad ever made. The urethane will never chip, crack, break, or snap. GUARANTEED. The underside bumper nut inserts were poured directly into the mold so they will never spin out on you. There's also added an extra screw attachment point to the top of the foot pad to reduce thread stripping due to shear stress on rear-end crashes.

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